The Ecosystem Support Program exists to provide both financial/non-financial support to projects and entities within the greater Nine Chronicles community, in order to accelerate the growth of the ecosystem. Our focus is on deploying our resources where they will have the biggest impact.

If you've got a project and want to see if ESP is a good fit, get in touch.

Grant Offer

We award grants for incentivize team to develop the Nine Chronicles ecosystem. Grant sizes are starting from 50,000 NCG but it can be up to 200,000 NCG if the project size is huge. Mostly, we offer NCG but if the project needs to get Fiat currency for specific reasons, please let us know.


Project Registration

Tell us a bit about your project goals, motivations, needs, challenges, and any other information you feel is pertinent for us to know. You'll hear back from someone on the Ecosystem Support team very soon! We only collect the following information submitted and will not use or share for any purposes other than evaluation.