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⚔️Nine Chronicles & WNCG Staking

Nine Chronicles is an open source, decentralized RPG set in a vast fantasy world — governed by its players, and supported by a complex economy where supply and demand are the greatest currency. You take control of a fresh-faced adventurer ready to carve a name for yourself in the Nine Realms collecting unique loot and battling the deadliest of foes.

Does it run 100% on a blockchain? Is it important? Yes, we think so. From the earliest stage of this project, we want to create a whole world that doesn’t depend on a single game company — an online world that can exist as long as there are players, and a world that is fully powered by the community. That’s why we made Nine Chronicles a decentralized fantasy world. The game runs on a peer-to-peer network of players, and every action will be saved on-chain so that you can verify the whole world’s status by yourself. To achieve this mission, we’ve built Libplanet, a new Distributed Ledger Technology library for implementing P2P MMO games. Nine Chronicles is the first game based on Libplanet.

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) is the main currency used in the world of Nine Chronicles. Players can spend NCG to craft powerful items, trade with other users, challenge each other, and accelerate growth. WNCG (Wrapped Nine Chronicles Gold) is a ERC-20 compatible wrapped token of NCG. WNCG can be mint by bridging NCG to Ethereum mainnet, and also can be bridged to BNB Smart Chain.

WNCG Staking is designed to incentivize and reward the WNCG ecosystem contributors, by rewarding liquidity providers for WNCG pools on DEXs. WNCG Staking is currently live on Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain, utilizing Balancer (Ethereum) and PancakeSwap (BSC). WNCG Staking on each network has a little different mechanism. You can find the details on each corresponding page.

📝Summary of how WNCG Staking works

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📚How it works on each network

[Ethereum] WNCG Staking with Balancer

[BNB Smart Chain] WNCG Staking with PancakeSwap